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354 day 75 – sick again

365 day 31 – still sick, sketching in windowseat

365 day 30 – ginger beer

365 day 29 – sick day


more popa pics, fringe fest, deathly ill, and leaning more every day

It seems like the week between popasheville and fringefest was about 2 days long, in which I got deathly ill, ok not that bad but still, pretty effing sick, started moving, went to a weird kind of underground rock show, was super-and-not-so productive with images from last weekend, and finally got the reciepts done from the mural project benefit almost exactly a month ago.

Damn, honestly it’s no wonder I got sick, I haven’t stopped since November, and I keep saying “after December, I’ll be able to relax,” “after next week, I’ll chill out a little, things will slow down..”

well, in addition to finishing the move next door this week (into a bad-ass apartment, pictures to follow soon), I’ll be uploading more pictures still from last weekend, (and if you are one of the bands I have neglected I am very sorry, they will be up soon, I assure you) some from the rock show with Lonnie Walker, Fringe-fest, new/old apartments, Asheville in the snow, etc..

so bear with me, stay tuned. more to come soon. -ish.

to tide you over, here are a few pictures from last weekend:

[shot courtesy of alex maiolo, who took it with my camera. if you know me at all, you know this is a rarity. thanks a.]