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Occupy Boston March pictures 10-10-11

pictures taken by lydia see on October 10th, at the Occupy Boston March. Feel free to use these images to further the OccupyBoston movement. Please photo credit lydiasee – http://lydiasee.com where appropriate to do so. Thanks, and feel free to contact me: lydia[dot]see[dot]photography[at]gmail.com (or comment below). I am. You are. We are the 99% !

Solidarity Forever: Occupy Boston

Solidarity Forever, written by Ralph Chaplin, is perhaps the most famous IWW song. It’s sung to the tune of John Brown’s Body.

When the union’s inspiration through the workers’ blood shall run
There can be no power greater anywhere beneath the sun
Yet what force on earth is weaker than the feeble strength of one
But the union makes us strong
Solidarity forever, Solidarity forever
Solidarity forever, for the union makes us strong!
It is we who plowed the prairies, built the cities where they trade
Dug the mines and built the workshops, endless miles of railroad laid
Now we stand outcast and starving ‘mid the wonders we have made
But the union makes us strong
They have taken untold millions that they never toiled to earn
But without our brain and muscle, not a single wheel can turn
We can break their haughty power, gain our freedom when we learn
That the union makes us strong

When that video was shot a few hours ago, things were going well. The OccupyBoston organizers had seemingly covered all their bases, the police were polite and accommodating, Camp#1 was alive with energy and Camp#2 was on it’s way to being approved by the DRC& Parks for use for this purpose, to which the response was “respect the plant-life and you can stay.”

Flash forward a few hours later:

“An attempt by Occupy Boston protesters to expand their encampment has resulted in a massive police crackdown and hundreds of arrests.

Around 1:30 am, police moved in with 16 police vans and along with many more police cruisers and unmarked vehicles on Atlantic Avenue in downtown Boston.  Officers dressed in black equipped with plastic handcuffs surrounded part of the camp, and protesters were given a five minute warning to leave or be arrested.  Most protesters remained, linking arms with each other and peacefully resisting.  Police moved in and, bizarrely, and eye witness reports have come in stating that police dealt violently with members of Veterans for Peace who had come to support Occupy Boston. Other reports are still coming in regarding police brutality, but remain unconfirmed.

Currently, as hundreds of peaceful protesters are being arrested alongside American Veterans, “Solidarity Forever” is being sung.  
Police have removed all digital media from protesters before arrest, which is ILLEGAL (here’s an article explaining why).
Media is limited and the only coverage we are receiving is through livestream, twitter, and facebook. 

Boston.com’s first article

neither here nor there

As we fly over the Blue Ridge Mountains I scrutinize the horizon for a speck of anything familiar, recognizable.

I feel like I can see for days. It’s so clear, merely misty as the light dew which settled on us Saturday night while we watched people

slowly filter out of the barn and we found our loves around the fire.
The plane flies North, the mist becomes thicker, more textured, less wispy.

From up here, I see merely reflective spots where civilization should be. I see a huge desert, although instead of sand, only white

as far as I can see, patterned just as the sea and wind pattern dunes. And now, now the white entertains highlights of amber and

low-lights of Carolina blue and I miss North Carolina already.
The amber, oh!

The golden light creates this illusion of majesty, subtly convincing us that the layer of fluff beneath would be fortified were we to

choose to subject it to weight. The color continues to fade out of the sky and into the clouds, or at least it seems as such.


I silently will time to stop and suspend me neither here nor there.


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