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365 day 136 – annies

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the Lab !

Asheville’s newest downtown hangout, the Lab, is open!

Their Beer is delicious, try the IPA, it’s my favorite. Food’s been scrumptious so far, after trying two dishes I’m excited for more.

Master Cleanse Over, Happy Friday, and why are there never enough hours in a day?

So It was supposed to be 10 days. I lasted four and a half. Why?

  1. I really love food. Deprivation for health purposes is wonderful, and I will attampt the Master Cleanse again, but preferably when I am not enrolled in my produce CSA (my share is five months, ending in October, I think) and have two eggplants, three peaches, two pints of blueberries, a few handfulls of shitake mushrooms, four apples, a bunch of purple basil, and a mr. stripey heirloom tomato all staring me in the face. Would be wasted if it were not for moi.
  2. I requested the night off from my night kitchen job Thursday but had to go anyway. It was even worse than Tuesday. It was terrible, and the shift was punctuated by being yelled at over the telephone by one of my crazy relatives for no real reason, which made me cry, considering the fragile, no food situation I was in, which in turn, caused kitchen embarrassment, and a poor ending to my night, after forgetting to clean out the dessert cooler. Two phone calls did not make me feel better, nor did a walk with Miss Ginger.
  3. The Jewish Festival (Hard Lox!) is tomorrow in downtown Asheville, and man do I love Jewish food.
  4. Sunday is brunch day with Heather. Ahem, Sunny Point What?
  5. I decided a cleanse is only fully appreciated when in an environment which will foster it’s purpose. Working 70 hours this week and not having much time to myself has made the introspective part of it null. I’d like to attempt again when I have a little more me time. So I lasted four and a half. not bad.

So tonight, after work and errands and many things, I cooked myself a dinner of eggplant & shitake mushrooms, sauteed with purple basil, hummus and whole grain chips, and a BEAUTIFUL Strip Steak and Bison Steak (shared between two).  Two glasses of wine.

Very Happy. and cleansed.

local free-range chicken, braising greens, spaghetti, turnips, onions, red peppers, and a splash of marinara
(meal made from my produce share in early may)