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365 day 101 – my Monday evening

365 day 82 – whale

365 day 69 – necc window art

Power & Light Press: Moveable Type

Kyle Durrie over at Power & Light Press in Portland has devised a genius plan.

This is an excerpt from her website, and you can pledge on her Kickstarter page here! Please support this lovely artist, educator, and BBH alumnus! xo

Moveable Type: Cross-Country Adventures in Printing


Vodpod videos no longer available.

My plan is to build a mobile print shop in the back of an old delivery truck. Within these tight quarters, I’ll create an efficient and fully functional shop, with a small table top press for printing smaller work, and a larger proof press, capable of printing larger posters.

And then I’ll take this rig on the road! I plan on visiting schools, art spaces, city parks, music festivals, craft shows, parties, and anywhere else that might have an interest in learning about printing.

Find out more, donate or just help spread the word via Kickstarter. Thanks!

Hump-Day Download: ShockTroop (SiD singles side project)

OK. So I wrote about the first song in this series (House of Many Colors) a few weeks ago, but this singles project from Stephanie’s Id deserves a regular check from this point forward.

Steph’s since created a new spin on the Laverne & Shirley theme song, a 90’s-esque Janet-Madonna-BelBivDevoe reminiscent “Cinematic” and a gorgeous Bjork-y “Dog Song” written from the perspective of her dog.

Pay-what-you-can downloads start at just $0.25 !!!

Keep this project on your radar. I know they’ll be on MY radar, Saturday November 20th @ the Grey Eagle !

fringe fest pictures finally up

Some of my favorite shots from the Asheville Fringe Festival:

The rest (plus more info on the performers) can be found on the Asheville Fringe Festival Page

feeling better, first night in new place, amazing mixed cd, and other wonderous things

There’s something about setting up my computer, putting the first painting on the wall, and having my music in a new place that actually makes it feel new. I have done all three today. actually, pretty much just now.

The paintings (2) are up in the bedroom which has no bed, but luckily I moved twenty feet from my old place to this place so I can crawl back over there after I christen the new place with  the first blog entry and sleep in the ol’ futon for hopefully the last night, before I sleep here tomorrow in a big girl bed. Yes, I, lydia see, will have a big girl bed tomorrow. No frame yet, but damned if I sleep in the new apartment in that same effing futon I have been sleeping on for, well, since ever. (ok more like 5 years but still.. it’s time).

The music? well, for risk of jinxing it, lets just say that it’s a mix that I didn’t make for once. and that it’s stellar. I mean of the caliber of a mix that I would make but different in a good way. That’s all about that.

and the compy finally has a proper place for itself. a real officey area with which I will do many wonderous things in the space allowing. things like spread out my work on a desk-like-surface and actually be productive without rigging a lap-desk or moving the ashtray and the gummy eyeballs and the cds and the books that always seem to pile up.  (That is, contrary to many of my silly statements on this blog, not an exaggeration. I really did have all of those things on my previous incarnation of desk-like-area.)

so it seems all is right with the world. now if I could just shake this looming feeling that I’m forgetting something, finish the work that’s been piling up in my illness and absence from reality these last few weeks, er, months, er, days, er..

and just be.

open invite: come be with me this Friday for a drop-in house warming, details to follow later this week when I get kinks of new place worked out.  Or if not Friday, weekly Sunday night craft/dinner nights will resume this Sunday, open project night,  so bring your knitting or painting or bad-ass ness and some wine or a dish, and we’ll get down. to. crafterbating.

p.s. thanks mom for helping me move for the first time ever and for being a bad-ass, cleaning the fuck out of the house, and sushi and wal-mart and all the things that only moms can do.