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365 day 105 – Clyde, Clara, & Tiny.

On April 15th, The Newburyport Street Tree Committee, with help from River Valley Charter School students, planted 60 trees throughout the city. The first tree of the morning marked the 700th tree planted since the group’s formation in 2001.

(the girls in my group named their trees Clyde, Clara, and Tiny.)

365 day 49 – know your bartenders

Newburyport Today installment #2 – SNOW!

Hey Newburyport, What’s the “Word on the Street”?

Posted on Friday, January 21st, 2011 at 11:30 am

Newburyport-Today is pleased to welcome back Lydia See who is a freelance photographer, journalist, and Jacqueline-of-all-trades who recently returned to Newburyport after living in the South for 15 years. She was most recently published as a music photographer and critic, though she also photographs portraits, weddings, events, and accepts commissions of all kinds. Her photographs and writing may be viewed at, and she can be reached through email at  Look for Lydia to around town snapping photos and asking what is the “Word on The Street“? She contributes to this series bi-monthly.

To get you in the mood for the Winter Carnival this weekend, Lydia’s photos this week are of sledding.

She says, “In the days that followed our most recent storm, the sledding at March’s Hill became busier and more slippery by the minute. Here are a few shots of some local kids tearing it up!”

Newburyport's Word on the Street
Andrew from Newburyport showed off his thumbs up while sledding skills!
word on the street
Paige & Jessica, both from Salisbury, make a run together down the front hill.
Newburyport's Word on The Street
Isaac from Newburyport went down the big hill head-first.
word on the street
Maddie from Newbury experienced several rotations, twists and turns on her run.
Matthew from Byfield took the front hill lump at top speed and went FLYING!
Thomas from Newburyport hitched a ride with his mom at the end of a long day.

365 day 3 – Word on the Street

Llew and Caiden just got out of school at the Newburyport Montessori and were blowing off some steam at the tot-lot on Inn Street.

Ava and Meredith (Llew’s sister) were also relaxing on Inn Street after a tough day of  Montessori school, which included Music & Yoga classes & an outside recess despite the bitter cold.

I caught Jess and Brad finishing a late lunch at Loretta and a quick walk up State Street. As the owner of Mad Martha’s Cafe on Plum Island, Brad’s weekends fall when the Beach Cafe is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays,  and he then gets to explore the other culinary offerings of Newburyport.

Angelique and Barry are on a long Holiday from Nottingham, England. Barry, originally from Dundee, Scotland, was kicking a giant snowball up Inn Street when I stopped them, and explained that while staying in Boston, they wanted to take a day trip, “to the seaside,” interjected Angelique. Barry went on to say “there were no trains to Rockport, so we ended up here instead.”