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Slide Show of Laura Reed and Thiago Dasilva’s wedding in December


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Since watching Point Break a few weeks ago, I have been a little preoccupied by surfing. Rented the Forgotten Coast last night, as far as documentaries go, it wasn’t very spectacularly made, but the waves were incredible. Travis Potter and his dream-team (Brian Conley, Daniel Thomson, Micah Byrne, Brett Schwartz, Brandon Tipton and Ben Knight, seven of the world’s best surfers) set out to some rumored untapped Indonesian wave spots, where the most consistent world-class waves can be found around every bend. Potter’s mission is to surf Indo completely off the radar, using locals as guides, traveling in small groups, sometimes hiking for days on end without a wave in sight, just to get to the perfect wave.

When asked by his mum why he quit school to surf, he replied ā€œIā€™d rather study what I learn, than learn what I study.ā€ i love this kid. “Get off the couch and go get lost. You know, stop working for the man and do your own thing.”