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wild rice and a week of insanity

I am a little overwhelmed right now.

I feel like I have 67 things looming on the Horizon that need to be done, organized, uploaded, loved.

I keep saying that if I just had a few days off that I could get all these things done, but then the only time I ever take off is when I’m sick, so I don’t get anything done due to sleeping 18 or so hours in order to recover.

Here I sit, with my chicken and wild rice soup, wondering if today was really supposed to be just another day. If catching up on sleep or blogging or whatever is really possible, or if it’s like my pessimistic father says “you stay behind your whole life and then you die.”

I would like to say this, though: if it weren’t for the amazing women I have had the fortune to come in contact with in the past year, I would not be nearly as sane as I am. Some more recent than others, but nontheless, I am open to love and friendship from women for the first time in my life and I like it.

Heather, Angi, Rebeccah, Joti, Kathryn, Marissa, Morgan, Melissa, Kelledy – you ladies have made my life so much nicer lately.


now I’m gonna go get my laundry from Upstairs and come back here and try to get some work done.

Veckatimest [leak] even better than I expected (if that’s possible)

A few weeks ago, after Grizzly Bear released the cover & tracklist for Veckatimest, Ed Droste relayed, in this Pitchfork interview, some of his perspectives on album sales and leaking of unreleased tracks:

“My philosophy is that, people buying records is dying. Generally speaking, at the level we’re at, most of the people who buy our albums do it because they want to support us. Or they’re a new fan and they haven’t heard us before. But let’s put it this way: If we were putting out music in the early 90s, I don’t think you’d be interviewing me. I don’t think we’d have the fanbase that we have if it were not for out songs being able to spread around the internet and gain attention. I think it’d be harder, if not impossible, for a band like us to have gotten where we’ve gotten. So I’m incredibly grateful for the internet age.

Of course, the amount of work and effort we’ve put into this album is staggering. And sometimes it’s a bit disheartening to think you can just download it really easily and dismiss it if you don’t like it. But that’s also the nature of the beast. You just have to deal with it. Of course I’d love to sell a ton of records and chart and stuff. But realistically speaking, it’s going to leak. I think a lot of people who I’ve spoken to if they really like it, they’ll buy the vinyl or they’ll go buy the CD to support us or on iTunes. Other people support the band by coming to a show. So, of course I’d love to sell a lot of records and chart and stuff but realistically speaking, it’s going to leak.”

Well, it has. And even though I’m aboot to pre-order it on vinyl (unless someone wants to order it for my birthday!), I still have been yearning to hear it, and this, not fully mastered, buzzy fuzzy version will satisfy my urges until I get it. Oh yeah, did I mention it comes out a few days after my birthday?

It’s good people. I mean really good. At this point, I’ve only had about two cycles through the whole thing, but this is the kind of album I want to listen to when I want a cohesive soundrack of  stylistically similar songs  but with a formidable progression within the album, a growth of layers and grit, a well-orchestrated array of vocal layerings and seemingly field-recorded samples (as Droste has shown a penchance for in the past, mostly on Horn of Plenty (2004, 2005[remixes]) and also on Yellow House (2006)). Recorded and primarily written over about a year, this album is a perfect example of, in my opinion, ‘the new pop’. Highlights include the swingy-jazzy first track, “Southern Point,” reminiscent of Donovan-era swanky-sexy rock that makes the ladies swoon with a nice crisp build-up to the chorus, “In the end, you’ll never find me now..” with layered nylon-string-sounding guitars and a rocking percussion track, and though it’s hard to hear at this point, maybe some flute in there somewhere, with a finish of a dueling build-up-cascade back to the Spanish sounding guitar. “Two Weeks” was awesome live on Letterman, which is really how I fell in love with Grizzly Bear, and the album version is way more awesome than I expected. Structurally similar to the live version, just tighter, crisper harmonies, more deliberate key tracks (maybe a nice organ that wasn’t audible in the live version?).  “While You Wait for the Others” epitomizes and carries on the entire album’s effective vintage feel, “I Live With You” has some awesome husky lead vocals, angelic female harmonies, and an escalating, crunchy, dirty-hard breakdown, “Hold Still” recaptures the simplicity and softness of Yellow House, and “Ready, Able” gets a little weird and epic in the way of echo and reverb, to a very pleasing effect. But really, the whole album is a gem, altogether.

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An appetite for destruction – or How I Learned to Stop Trying So Hard and Just Love the Balm.

To begin the day, how about a little political refreshment?

“Washington Post: The declines in Palin’s ratings have been even more substantial among the very voters Republicans aimed to woo. The percentage of white women viewing her favorably dropped 21 points since early September; among independent women, it fell 24 points.” -jon+cohen+and+jennifer+agiesta
(I love the independent women part)

And on a side note, for those of you who have to avoid talking politics around certain family, friends, co-workers, et al, just keep this image in the back of your mind any time you are tempted to try and educate them in the ways of democracy:
McCain on Safety

In other News, I had a BLAST at the Deep Pocket party last night. It was awesome to see that much family in the room, people that I’ve surprisingly known for a long-ass time. Some who I’ve known longer than most, and some I’ve become close to recently

Quote of the Day: “I’m so mad, I’m going to write a blog about it.”

First order of business: follow-up interview for residency is tomorrow at 2pm. Think of me!
Second: Sarah Palin is completely insane, hypocritical, and risks ruining our world. (I mean, the lady hates polar bears. come on.)
Third: stock – market – crash ?

I am thankful for smart and aware people bringing potential positive-changers into this world.



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starting to pick up

Things are starting to pick up their own rhythm lately. It seems I can’t stop the momentum all of a sudden, the inertia keeps me going whereas prior to the past six months or so, it was as if I couldn’t possibly go any slower.

Had a beautiful photo shoot with Denise and Josh, two friends who are expecting their baby girl in July and could not be more thrilled about it.

possibly sold a few photos from my show, got payed for a graphic design gig.. a little less broke than i have been but a little more seasoned and waking up. ans still slightly confused all the time.

here’s a film short of one of the most ingenious new art forms I have ever seen.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

take it all if you want

it has been an intense recent journey. sometimes i find that i don’t know the difference between being true to myself and being true to those i love. sometimes i find myself relying on others to make choices for me.

sometimes i feel like i am caught in a web.

i have been thinking recently that it’s about time for me to realize my actual potential as a human being. or at least scratch the surface of it. i am sick of existing on this motivationless plane of blah, taking what is given, reciprocating but not really feeling it.. i think i have kind of been numb for a few years, enjoying, but numb. true to myself, but artificially motivated, in a completely innocent, but nontheless harmful way