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5 Sneaky Productivity Lies

I came across this very relevant blog post on and thought it was quite resonant and snarky. Thanks Kris.

To Do List - Getting Things Done

I recently realized that I’ve lied to myself AGAIN about my work. I’m so busy. My work is so hard. I’m so stressed out. Waaaaaaaaaaaah (enter Lucy cry). Granted, some of it is hard & yes I am busy. But most of it I’ve created myself – I have a part – and that’s the truth.

Same dance, different tune — I’ve been here before. But somehow I forgot the lessons I had learned.

My lies are sneaky. They creep in slowly, disguised as my being a productive-worker-bee and they are dangerous. They hurt my work. They hurt my relationships. They hurt my health.

And the time is now to say no to the nonsense.

  1. I have to work 12 hours today to finish my work. I don’t know about you, but my work is never finished. EVER. I produce much higher quality work during a well structured 8 hour day than in 12 frenetic hours. PERIOD. And if I really need loads of time all the time to stay afloat?
  2. I have to check my email tonight. Wrong. Unless there is a TRULY time sensitive project, I don’t “have” to check my email at night. And quite frankly, my work does not involve banning nuclear arms, so it’s important to keep perspective. Besides, when we return emails during off hours, we TEACH people to expect immediacy and that is a slippery slope….
  3. I’m too busy to exercise and eat well. This is a big lie. Taking time to exercise – for physical, mental, and emotional benefits – is critical for my professional well being. PERIOD. It’s as important as going to meetings, returning emails and other more directly related tasks. And if I’m hungry and jacked on coffee and crap, how thoughtful and effective can I really be? Plan ahead, schedule the sweaty time, prepare healthy food, and honor the physical health which creates a happy energizer bunny at the office.
  4. I have to stay tethered to my computer to get things done.Really? I actually remember a time before email. I remember when I didn’t have a computer in my house. I remember when cords were required for telephone calls. There are lots of great ways to step away. Grab that stack of magazines you’re behind on and go to the park. Walk to the coffee shop to buy your team lattes. Close the door and do some pushups. Head to the copy room and do some tidying up. Hell, my own space could use some tidying.
  5. It’s a too hard to delegate. The trick here is to get help before I’m in crisis…  when an hour invested in proper guidance will not feel like a burden. But, this requires me to look ahead, be realistic, know early on when I will need help and allow myself to ask for it.

Are there any lies you want to come clean with?

Jupiter Gets it in the Eye, friendly links, and new pictures abound.

In case you haven’t been paying attention to geeky astronomy blogs, Jupiter has been hit by ‘something.’

and the fun part is that the discovery was made by an amateur, Anthony Wesley!

Also: there’s a great lost-and-found picture of Seth Kauffman, Bill Reynolds, and Tyler Ramsey on the BlogDammit! Blue Barnhouse Blog from 2005:

“Just came across this photo. I can’t remember what event this was but it was 2005, the year I participated in the 3rd annual Holiday Neckbeard. I am chatting to musicians Seth Kauffman of Floating Action, Tyler Ramsey who has done some amazing solo work but is also a guitarist for Band of Horses, & Bill Reynolds, former bassist from Donna the Buffal0 and currently working with practically every band that is worth a spit in Asheville. The three were playing at the 2005 event as Seth Kauffman’s band.”

and finally: have you noticed all the new pictures abound?

another friday night : Trevor Stoia Trio

So after the chicken visited me this afternoon I remembered that it was Jazz After Five at the Grove Arcade, for which yours truly did the poster this year, and Trevor Stoia Trio (including Michael Libramento, Shane Perlowin, and Trevor Stoia, three of my FAVORITE local musicians) played the catwalk. That’s not a euphemism, they actually played up on the catwalk of the Grove Arcade. It was rad, some of the best music I have seen live (and free!) there.

[Irrelevant] News of the Day

As I sit here at work putzing around lastFM I came across the page for Now you See Them, a local Asheville band making waves finally, after what seems like years of playing on Broadway downtown in front of the Vance monument (ok, I think it’s just been like a summer, but still). They played on the LaZoom bus during PopAsheville, and are now playing random small intimate gigs around Ashvegas.

no sooner had I written that paragraph when a chicken, yes a CHICKEN came in the store and handed me a flyer which says: “THIS WEEKEND @ PICNICS… Friday Feb. 20th, 6pm: Now You See Them, the best of Asheville’s Incredible Indie Rock/Folk scene, Intimate, Early, and FREE!”

also, Sat. Feb. 21st, Juan Holladay of the Secret B-Sides. And Free Cookies!

Info. courtesy of the Chicken from Picnics.

how rad and random?


This is old news, but it was brought to my attention today by the hot ‘n’ dirty knitting churchlady from the yarn shop next to my store that the last Superman, Brandon Routh’s schlong was too big for his costume/the movie/the big screen so WB had to specially adjust his “piece” and downsize it digitally in post-production. I just think that’s pretty ludicrous.

In my research into this matter, I came across this witty interview with Kevin Smith in Newsweek.


also, on Angi West’s blog (always another good source for random but interesting news) I found this (totally unrelated) video:

This is a perfect illustration of the joy that can be found in sorrow. So much beauty is expressed in this video which was made as a response to Ken Starr, (led the campaign to impeach President Bill Clinton), who filed a legal brief last month — on behalf of the “Yes on 8” campaign — that would forcibly divorce 18,000 same-sex couples that were married in California last year before the passage of Prop 8.

Watch “Fidelity” and sign our letter to the state Supreme Court before they hear oral arguments in the case on March 5. Tell the Supreme Court to invalidate Prop 8, reject Ken Starr’s case, and let loving, committed couples marry. DEADLINE EXTENDED: March 2.

319,022 people have signed this letter (as of Friday, February 20). Our new Courage Campaign community goal is 350,000 signers. Will you add your name now by clicking on the following link?:

With over 900,000 total views currently on Vimeo and YouTube, we’re also shooting for 1 million views combined. To help this video reach 1 million people, please tell your friends to watch “Fidelity” and tell their friends!

“Fidelity” used with permission from Regina Spektor and EMI Records.

Past Week and Upcoming Events

This is what the last coupla weeks looked like, pictures forthcoming:

Friday Jan 30th, 2009 : Housewarming Party

Saturday Jan 31st, 2009 : Angi West @ Grey Eagle

Boys of Summer at BoBos
(Angi West review and picture to be in Mtn. Xpress Wednesday, Feb 11th, will post here tomorrow)

Sunday Feb 1st, 2009 : Crafterbation Sunday, Superbowl Party @ Pickles’

Monday Feb. 2nd 2009 – Thursday Feb. 5th 2009 :
update website with rest of popA and fringe photos

Tuesday Feb 3rd 2009: Howlies instore@ Static Age Records & Show @ New French Bar with Sex Patriots and Sunshine SS

Wednesday Feb. 4th, 2009: Hosted Howlies, Work, Photo/Website Work

Thursday Feb. 5th, 2009: Echo Mountain Tour w/ Howlies, Early Girl Brunch, Hand-Cranked Letterpress, Work

Friday Feb 6th: The Poles, Bandazian, the Humbuckers @ Grey Eagle

Sci-Fi, Mantras, Free Peoples Frequency, Agobi Project @ Nashwa,

House Party @ Casa Ashley

Saturday Feb 7th: Jim Weider’s Project Percolator w/Modo @ Grey Eagle

House Party @ Casa Libramento & Holt

House Party @ Hazzard St. House

Sunday Feb. 8th: Girlie Love Day @ My House w/ Ms. Cardinal & Raven

Monday Feb 9th: Howlies Review Final Online, Work & Intense Gym Action

Tuesday Feb 10th: Work & Website/Photo Editing

I want a Birthday show.

I know this is way in advance, but I want a birthday show this year. I had one a few years ago and it was a blast, but I want a crazy birthday show this year. So here’s the proposition, If I can get the venue, who will play for me on my Birthday? May 23, 2009. It’s a Saturday. In Asheville.

my bday cake with Trilce in background!

me on counter dancing, clothes came off after this was taken.

May 23, 2006 Birthday Show at Mellow Mushroom with Booty Band, GFE, and Avec la Force! Three years ago!!

p.s. I worked @ Mellow when this behavior was occuring.

an open letter to all who participated in pop asheville:

First of all, I would like to personally thank each and every person who participated in any small way in this weekend’s festivities. Without each patron, volunteer, sponsor, guest, performer, venue, production crew, and everyone else who contributed, it wouldn’t have been such an overwhelming success and I wouldn’t have enjoyed myself as thoroughly as I did.

But boy did I.

I can’t possibly do justice with words, but slowly and surely, I’ll be posting images from the festival itself, along with pre-party and late-night photographs as well. I hope you guys enjoy, let me know how you like ’em.

here’s a sampling, more to come soon.