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Hump Day Download: Skew Records Releases Asheville Beat Tape


In a clearing surrounded by mountains a distinctive sound rings out. This sound is the imaginative echo of the Asheville electronic music scene. It’s a sound that has been growing rapidly within this mountain community, where an ever-growing artist population constantly pushes the variety of musical production through the envelope.

The idea for an Asheville Beat Tape came from Nigel One, a long-time DJ and producer who has been involved in Asheville’s electronic music scene since the early 2000’s. Soon after joining forces with Skew Records, Nigel decided to spearhead the idea of bringing some of the surrounding talent together to form an Asheville Beat Tape. After a month’s time, Nigel had collected a multitude of tracks from area producers, and brought on Skew producers Peripheral and DM Stair to help artfully and seamlessly arrange the tracks into order. The result is a 45-minute mix of inspiring production and composition styles.

The Beat Tape consists of a variety of artists such as Two Fresh, Moving Temple, Mother Hood of RBTS WIN, Peripheral, DJ Bowie, DM Stair, and Mingle of Paper Tiger, all performers at Moogfest this past Halloween weekend. Other producers include Nigel One, Marley Carroll of Melanaster Records, Bookworm and Jables from Labcoat, SYS-HEX, d:Raf, KimathiM, Wuchinow, and ProFlogik of Skew Records.

Nigel One and the collective of area producers have started accepting entries for Volume 2, which will include other artists that did not appear on Volume 1. Stay tuned this winter for more information on mix tape and individual artist releases from Skew Records.


Hump-Day Download: ShockTroop (SiD singles side project)

OK. So I wrote about the first song in this series (House of Many Colors) a few weeks ago, but this singles project from Stephanie’s Id deserves a regular check from this point forward.

Steph’s since created a new spin on the Laverne & Shirley theme song, a 90’s-esque Janet-Madonna-BelBivDevoe reminiscent “Cinematic” and a gorgeous Bjork-y “Dog Song” written from the perspective of her dog.

Pay-what-you-can downloads start at just $0.25 !!!

Keep this project on your radar. I know they’ll be on MY radar, Saturday November 20th @ the Grey Eagle !

Hump-Day Download: Blood of the Summer

Jar-e‘s got a new record out: Blood of the Summer. It’s almost a darker continuation of Chicas Malas, with the addition of more blues-roots instrumentation and a swingy doo-wop sound on several of the songs. “Mary Mary Mary” is reminiscent of “3 leaf” on Malas, but less nu-pop-soul and more antagonistic faux-ballad with a deeper Stevie Wonder-ish harmonic structure. Jar’s progression is beginning to get instrumentally grittier, though on tracks like “Cuckold” he leaves me wanting a little more dark, snarly vocal variety to match the true swanky r&b guitars and trickly little piano teasers. However, on “Amends” and “So Inclined”Jar demonstrates what he does best: catchy, sing-along-sweet harmonies and vulnerable lyrics in a shiny pop-soul package.

While stylistic similarity from record to record can be a blessing or a curse, Jar-e is able to harness the successes from each record and expand upon them into the next. Jon Reid, the creative force, singer, songwriter, and mastermind behind Jar-e seems to be learning more and more about what he wants to get out of his own music with each release, and he keeps his market wanting more.

I can’t tell if I want it as a late-summer record or if it suits me just fine through autumn. What do you think?

Pay-what-you-can download starts at 50cents!!

or just stream below <3