new band love – Dark Mean

by lydiasee

I stumbled on this band on myoldkentuckyblog, and really was drawn to the sparseness of the banjo over the rest of the tracks. Even then the trumpet comes in, the banjo still dominates without being too much. I agree with the Wilco/Spoon sound, but I’m also hearing a Phosphorescent/Will Oldham squeaky-sweet in Dean’s voice, and an overall Calexico/Sun Kil Moon too.

It’s a really nice composition, thanks MOKB.

From MOKB:

Ontario’s Dark Mean have released a new video for Happy Banjo, a single from their upcoming, self-titled full-length which comes out June 14th 2011. Happy Banjo sounds exactly as you might you expect by the title, but add to that a driven, dreamy wall of sound that feels like it’s blithely floating through the ether; grounded only by the deeply personal lyrics. Dark Mean’s Mark Dean’s (see what they did there?) mellow, scratchy vocals bring to mind a Jeff Tweedy or a Britt Daniel, and the vast musical talents of himself and band mates Billy Holmes and Sandy Johnston seem to have a Wilco/Spoon-like proclivity for a wide variety of instrumentation (including glockenspiel!) and malleable styles which they magically fuse together to create a dark, pretty pop motif hard to pin the tail on. With Happy Banjo, you’ve got your jangling folk-rock guitar, poppin’ percussion, and of course, one happy banjo; but then the unexpectedly warm, melancholic horns come in, and this infectiously engaging tune swells into something far more stirring than the sum of its parts. Dark Mean began working on their debut back in 2007 with help of producer Michael Keire (Apostle of Hustle) and mastering by Brian Lucey (Black Keys). Judging by Happy Banjo, it’s an album worth the wait.

MP3 : Dark Mean – Happy Banjo

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