from when I was in love with you, May 2009

by lydiasee

I just found this playlist from May 2009. It is completely indicative of that period in my life. Weird how that works, isn’t it?

Squares	3:44	Beta Band	green
Tuff Ghost	2:57	The Unicorns	Pink
Skunks	3:46	Manitoba	Orange
Pick Up The Tempo	3:18	Phosphorescent	Blue
The Sun Goes Down and the World Goes Dancing	2:46	the magnetic fields	Orange
Forgiveness	3:40	Yeasayer	Orange
why do you let me stay here	2:32	She & Him vol1	Pink
Darling...	2:51	Songs: Ohia	grey
Knife (covered by CSS)	3:14	Grizzly Bear	yellow
the way you say good night	2:45	the magnetic fields	Orange
Our Swords	2:26	Band of Horses	green
Nerds	5:41	The Dodos	yellow
trains	4:31	Lonnie walker	Rust
Alone Again Or	3:25	Calexico	Blue
Boble	4:20	Hanne Hukkelberg	Golden
Don't Get Lost in Heaven	2:01	Gorillaz	White
Demon Days	4:29	Gorillaz	White
whiskey night	2:53	Howlies	   Rust
Salvador Sanchez (Pancho Hard Mix)	6:30	Sun Kil Moon	Rust
Mathilde	2:40	Scott Walker	Red
let me down easy	2:53	betty lavette	green
Easy (In C mix by Sutekh)	4:35	Hanne Hukkelberg	Orange
I've Lived On A Dirt Road All My Life	5:36	Manitoba	Orange
No One's Better Sake	2:54	Little Joy	yellow
Panther Dash	2:46	The Go Team	Pink
He Hit Me	4:21	Grizzly Bear	yellow
ew	2:32	KOUshik	yellow
The Loneliness Of A Middle Distance Runner	4:33	Belle & Sebastian	Blue
Birds of Paradise	2:24	Appleseed Cast	Off-White
Trouble Man	3:51	Marvin Gaye	Purple
Core And Rind	3:03	Andrew Bird	green
Will My Feet Still Carry Me Home	3:14	Elf Power	Orange
Ca'-Ba-Dab	2:57	Pete Rock & Keb Darge	Pink
Can I Get Witcha (feat. Lil' Cease)	3:37	The Notorious B.I.G.	Pink
Mind Playing Tricks On Me	5:11	Geto Boys	Purple
sea level	3:19	Howlies	Brown
Bottle Rocket	3:43	The Go Team	Pink
Just Be Simple	4:21	Songs Ohia	grey
Take A Little Bit	2:35	King Khan & His Shrines	Brown
Meet Me In The City	3:12	Gomez	green
changes	5:57	nostalgia 77	green
Hey There Little Insect	3:12	Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers	Orange