Marley Carroll: B-side Fridays!

by lydiasee

(photos by lydia see, 9.24.09)

Introducing B-Side Fridays.

Every Friday, Marley Carroll will share a previously-unreleased track, accompanied by a photograph from Troy Lehman.  Some will be unfinished sketches, some will be old songs, and some will be fully-realized new tunes. We’ll even throw in the occasional remix or extended  DJ mix from time to time.

Stay tuned to the Marley Carroll Facebook page and YouTube channel for updates.  Every track will be available for free download on Soundcloud as soon as it is released. Also, don’t be too shy to comment or shoot us an e-mail and tell us what you want more of! And without further adieu…

4.8.11: B-Side Fridays – 03 “Caitlin, I Thought I Loved You”

3.24.11: B-Side Fridays 01 “Outside”

4.1.11 : B-Side Fridays 02 – “Sparky’s 78s”