Ami Worthen is a Ukulele Rockstar – Hump-Day download

by lydiasee

Right Now, Ami Worthen, one-half of Mad Tea Party and Ukulele Extrordinaire, is on her way to Doo-Nanny. A collection of some of her favorite artists, musicians, and friends, the DooNanny is a highlight each year for Ami, who just recently recorded an EP, aptly called 4 for 40, all written during the month leading up to her 40th birthday.

From her WONDERFUL blog, Ukulele Rockstar :

“I turned 40 on December 30th. There, I said it. I AM FORTY YEARS OLD!

I have to be honest, I struggled with this milestone. I mean, 40 is sorta middle-aged, isn’t it? And middle age isn’t sexy, right? For whatever reason, I experienced a stigma/uncomfortableness around turning 40. In conversations, I felt an impulse to lie about my age. Geez. I was afraid that if someone thought I am younger than I am, once they knew my real age they would start thinking, “You know, now that you mention it, she DOES look a little worse for wear…” There are issues around aging and appearance that seem to be particularly pronounced for females. We want to mask the changes time marks on our bodies. I can’t deny my own concerns in that area. And reaching a new decade of course brought up thoughts related to mortality.

In order to deal with my angst as my birthday approached, I came up with an idea. I challenged myself to write 4 songs during the month of December, one for each decade of my life so far. I wanted to celebrate the experiences that brought me to this point. It was a terrific process –  it helped me embrace my fortieth birthday rather than shrink from it.

I made simple home recordings of these “4 for 40″ songs (the last one was actually recorded in a hotel room in New Orleans, more on that later). I got my friend Brian Landrum to do a tiny bit of mastering on them. They are not fancy studio recordings, but they capture a moment in my life. So here’s this EP. You can download the songs for free from Bandcamp, or pay a bit for them if you want. I’ll be posting lyrics, etc, to each of these songs.

Thanks in advance for listening if you do.”

Find out more: Poster by Jack Sanders.

Doo-Nanny 2011 art by the one-and-only Phil Cheney