Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr – “Morning Thought”

by lydiasee

Detroit duo Joshua Epstein and Daniel Zott are collectively Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

They’re set to release an lp follw-up to 2010’s Horse Power ep, and have shared a track from it on soundcloud:

I feel like this track incorporates the perfect amount of analog and digital sound, and reminds me of OK Go’s “This too shall pass” with a little Sufjan Stephens “I walked” and Deerhunter’s “Helicopter.”

They’ve had me smitten since Horse Power and their Daytrotter session, both of which included the song “Simple Girl.”

“Simple Girl” was the first song that Daniel and I worked on together. It was a song that had been around for a little while, and the workflow between us was so easy and natural that it really opened up our lines of artistic communication.  It also laid the foundation for what would become the sound of our EP, which was organic drums, mixed with electronic ones.”

– Daytrotter Interview

I became obsessed with that song, and shared it with a  friend, who then letterpressed this card:

(read Trev’s post about the letterpress workshop during which he made this card)