two shows : one night – Adrian Emberley (ME up)/Soft Pyramids (Precinct Somerville)

by lydiasee

Adrian Emberley & the Revolving Band is playing tonight at Middle East UP, with Hazard Adams, Tall Heights, and Ross Livermore Band. Show starts at 9, AERB’s headlining.

I knew Adrian when she was a spritely little thing of thirteen, wide-eyed and curious, absorbing everything around her. Ten years later that same attitude has been transformed into a beautiful ability to write whimsical albeit raw and true songs which tell dynamic stories while maintaining a catchy, saccharine sweetness. Emberley has assembled a talented lot as her “revolving band” (performing tonight will be Adrian Emberley, Chris Perry, Jesse Friedberg, Paul Dumas, and special guest: Bryan Murphy) who support her as well as standing out individually as artists.

Imagine Regina Spektor, Grace Potter, Jenny Lewis, and mix in some of my AVL gals Ami Worthen, Caroline Pond, and Angi West.

Here’s the cute little video she did for “I missed the days”


Soft Pyramids are playing the Precinct with Brenda (9pm) and Mount Peru (10pm)

You get a free copy of their CD upon entry, but if you can’t make it out tonight, download their record below. Give it a listen, They have this nice vintage sound: Strokes meets 90’s Sunny Day Real Estate with a healthy dose of garage-revival-reverb and feedback.