new radiohead ! King of Limbs out early today!

by lydiasee

Radiohead’s new album “The King Of Limbs” is out 24 hours early. Because they love us.

I can’t remember the last time almost all of my friends were waiting for something with bated breath like this.

(don’t hate me, you should pre-order the vinyl and buy the de-luxe box set, but until itunes arrives in march and the physical copy in may, here’s the temporary leak. get it now,  it probably won’t last long: .zip file )

The album is delicious.

To celebrate, here’s some (awful quality) video I shot of Radiohead at Bonnaroo back in 2006. It was one of the most amazing live experiences of my life. I cried.

“Exit Music”

“Paranoid Android” in several parts

“Pyramid Song”

the last video is a short clip of “ever and ever” which flashed across the screen for what seemed like forever as they faded out.

Setlist from that show:

01 “There There”
02 “2+2=5″
03 “15 Step”
04 “Arpeggi”
05 “Exit Music”
06 “Kid A”
07 “Dollars And Cents”
08 “Videotape”
09 “No Surprises”
10 “Paranoid Android”
11 “The Gloaming”
12 “The National Anthem”
13 “Climbing Up The Walls”
14 “Big Ideas”
15 “Street Spirit”
16 “The Bends”
17 “Myxomytosis”
18 “How To Disappear Completely”

Encore 1:
19 “You And Whose Army?”
20 “Pyramid Song”
21 “Like Spinning Plates”
22 “Fake Plastic Trees”
23 “Bodysnatchers”
24 “Lucky”
25 “Idioteque”
26 “Karma Police”

Encore 2:
27 “House Of Cards”
28 “Everything In Its Right Place”

Here’s a pro-video of the whole show. SO GOOD. (in 2 parts)