Hump-Day download: The Civil Wars

by lydiasee

My friend Mia assumes that because I’m a music snob I know everything about good music all the time. Although she is mostly correct, she turned me on to this rad band I had never heard of, The Civil Wars.

I’m usually not crazy about singer-songwriter duos.. but these guys defy my assumptions of the cheesy romantic-ballady style of most couply duos.. they aren’t together romantically, yet are able to maintain such harmonic chemistry.. it’s nice that they each are married to other people and still have such a dynamic. They remind me a little of a more saccharine Bowerbirds.. The free download is from a show at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, GA (<3) and unfortunately doesn’t include my favorite song.. but the video (which is GORGEOUS) is below for your listening pleasure.




They have some southern dates coming up for all you in Georgia, SC and NC..  but are unfortunately playing in Boston the night of my Anniversary Luau.. so I won’t be going. : (