Hump-Day Download: Blood of the Summer

by lydiasee

Jar-e‘s got a new record out: Blood of the Summer. It’s almost a darker continuation of Chicas Malas, with the addition of more blues-roots instrumentation and a swingy doo-wop sound on several of the songs. “Mary Mary Mary” is reminiscent of “3 leaf” on Malas, but less nu-pop-soul and more antagonistic faux-ballad with a deeper Stevie Wonder-ish harmonic structure. Jar’s progression is beginning to get instrumentally grittier, though on tracks like “Cuckold” he leaves me wanting a little more dark, snarly vocal variety to match the true swanky r&b guitars and trickly little piano teasers. However, on “Amends” and “So Inclined”Jar demonstrates what he does best: catchy, sing-along-sweet harmonies and vulnerable lyrics in a shiny pop-soul package.

While stylistic similarity from record to record can be a blessing or a curse, Jar-e is able to harness the successes from each record and expand upon them into the next. Jon Reid, the creative force, singer, songwriter, and mastermind behind Jar-e seems to be learning more and more about what he wants to get out of his own music with each release, and he keeps his market wanting more.

I can’t tell if I want it as a late-summer record or if it suits me just fine through autumn. What do you think?

Pay-what-you-can download starts at 50cents!!

or just stream below <3