“You lean a little on the clues and a little bit of fact…” Stephanies Id is playing Lizard Lounge Friday October 8th 2010

by lydiasee

Sweet, Stephanie Morgan‘s doing singles. Even sweeter, the first track she has released is a collaboration with another of my favorite Asheville musicians, Jar-e.


Steph on stage with Jar-e, Lexington, 8-09


StephaniesId is playing in Cambridge, at the Lizard Lounge w/ The Rex Complex (Boston) and Boris Garcia (Boston). I’ve loved this band for years, and their constantly interesting music is a real testament to the dynamic staying power of truly talented musicians.

From the stephaniesid Band Camp Site:

The assignment: “Write a song inspired by a movie.” Chuck and I had just finished watching Sherlock Holmes, and I was a little fascinated with Watson’s character; he seemed flustered by Holmes’s antics and yet he always allowed himself to be talked into going along. Over the course of the writing, it turns out that the words seem less specific to Watson and point more toward the general human theme of emotional honesty vs. “waitress smile” (as my friend Molly puts it).

Jar-e had previously written the music and recorded all the instruments, but didn’t want to do anything with it, so around the time of the assignment, he left me a message asking if I wanted to write lyrics and melody. By the time I got back to him, he had deleted the tracks, but still had an mp3 of the instrumental. I painted over that with lyrics and a floor tom. So we had no control over the mix of the instruments, but Jar had done a good job already, and we went with it.

House of Many Colors (c) 2010 Jar-e and Stephanie Morgan (BMI)
If you never go then you will never know
If you never know then you will never grow
I would make a bad poet
I could never lie
But it’s not the same on the inside

Smokescreens and pipe dreams
Blanket my mindscreams
Building a house of many colors
Oh, but sweating on the inside
When house becomes a tower

You lean a little on the clues and a little bit of fact
Little hint of this and the brutal truth of that
You simmer it together like a ratatouiile stew
Save a dance for me and I’m beholden to you

from Steph’s Singles (NEW​!​), track released 28 September 2010
Jar-e – music
Stephanie Morgan – lyrics, vocals, floor tom beats
Some rights reserved
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