Crazy Fruit and Veggie MRIs

by lydiasee

When I came across this, I was listening to “Lucifer” by Jay-Z (&Kanye).   It proved an ideal marriage. However, no matter what you’re listening to at the time, the imagery is mesmerizing.

These dynamic animations are the inspired work of Andy Ellison, a Boston-based research technologist. Claire O’Neill from posed the following question to Ellison via a comment on his blog:

“Still, what kind of irresponsible hospital is letting its employees use expensive equipment to scan food? Ellison’s response is legit:

I’m not taking time on the scanner that could be used for a clinical scan or anything like that, which is what some people think. No, instead I use the fruits and vegetables to warm up the scanner and do a kind of quality assurance of the machine. … Some have been easier to image than others but mostly they end up looking beautiful.”