Jupiter Gets it in the Eye, friendly links, and new pictures abound.

by lydiasee

In case you haven’t been paying attention to geeky astronomy blogs, Jupiter has been hit by ‘something.’

and the fun part is that the discovery was made by an amateur, Anthony Wesley!

Also: there’s a great lost-and-found picture of Seth Kauffman, Bill Reynolds, and Tyler Ramsey on the BlogDammit! Blue Barnhouse Blog from 2005:

“Just came across this photo. I can’t remember what event this was but it was 2005, the year I participated in the 3rd annual Holiday Neckbeard. I am chatting to musicians Seth Kauffman of Floating Action, Tyler Ramsey who has done some amazing solo work but is also a guitarist for Band of Horses, & Bill Reynolds, former bassist from Donna the Buffal0 and currently working with practically every band that is worth a spit in Asheville. The three were playing at the 2005 event as Seth Kauffman’s band.”

and finally: have you noticed all the new pictures abound?