to watermark or not to watermark

by lydiasee

So here’s the deal: I have gone through so many stages of watermarking and brand-naming my photos that it’s gotten to the point that it makes more work than it’s worth. I take pictures to feed people slices of life.

ok that was cheesy.

but seriously, folks.  for me, it’s all about the decisive moment, the fact that my friends and loved ones and fellow artists and musicians let me share in their joy by documenting them.

and what a joy it is! why, last night, i had the pleasure of shooting Bonnie Prince Billy, two weeks ago, legendary psych-collective Ghost, recently: Bishop Allen, Arizona, Toubab Krewe, Gomez, heypenny, Ben Taylor, Gary Jules, the list goes on and on.

point is: I love it. i love recording and documenting such incredible musicians, and look forward to every live event i shoot. I hope people are flattered when I choose to come out and make their portraits, especially in Asheville, where there are way too many things happening on any given night.

so who fucking cares if i watermark any fucking photos anymore.

should i?