the dilemma:

by lydiasee

Three Shows. One Night.

This is why I don’t live in a bigger city.

Saturday February 28th, 2009. Asheville, NC. Most epic selection of music since PopAsheville, and all coincidentally:

Jar-e @ the Rocket Club

Firstly, let me start with the record release show of Mr. Jon Reid, musically known as Jar-e. Although I feel a musician of Reid’s particular caliber can never fully achieve the same effect recorded as live, I think Chicas Malas, his sophomore album, captures a well-rounded mix of his veritable cornucopia of aural offerings and epitomizes an earnest attempt at replicating the dynamic of his live show…

(continuation of record review to be posted after show)

supported by Habibigy (featuring Eleanor Underhill of the Barrel House Mamas) and afterparty from DJ Par-D

Mountain Xpress on Jar-e

Josh Carpenter, Nerd Parade, Baker Family Band, & On the Take @ Broadways

(in that order)

If the recent review of Nerd Parade’s new album, The Span of a Life, isn’t enough to get you out to this show, allow me to tease you further.

Local favorite Joshua Carpenter has the privilege of opening the evening with his lovely blend of living-room honkey-tonk acoustic rock. Apparently he’s starting ‘early,’ which for Broadways means what, like 10? (I really don’t know, call me.)

After Nerd Parade, The Baker Family Band will share their down-home up-tempo, harmony heavy indie-pop, and with a new album due out in early April, these cats are tight as ever.  They totally rock, love what they do (it’s evident in every performance that they have a great time sharing their music), and have an infectious energy onstage. Plus, damn are they adorable.

Supergroup  On the Take will close out the evening with insanity. Seriously. Considering their epic PopAsheville performance and that their influences listed on their myspace are “brainiac, nirvana, Guided By Voices, The Strokes, Six Finger Satellite, WEEZER, Fitz Of Depression, The New Pornographers, DEVO, and The Unicorns,” you can pretty much count on rediculous fun.

If You Wannas w/ YARDWORK & Snatchbox 20 @ New French Bar

I love If You Wannas. I highly dislike shows at the French Bar. Those statements aside, If You Wannas always bring an incredible amount of sweaty, loud, intense, and well-performed rock and roll love to every performance. They invite an exchange of energy with the crowd which is incrementally compounded as the show progresses. I highly recommend seeing them live whenever possible.

I don’t know Yardwork or Snatchbox 20 (great names, though, no?) but I’m sure if the Wannas like ’em, they’re quality.