I finally see Now You See Them again. (that could have been confusing)

by lydiasee

I then followed the chicken’s advice and went to another free show (this week had been filled with more free music than usual! ordinarily I just get in on the guest list, but boy, this week, everyone’s on the list. or rather, there’s always free music if you know where to look)

Now You See Them!

Ok so here’s the deal with this band: I first started seeing them last spring, playing on the street usually around the Vance Monument / Bistro 1896 / Pack Square area, and have had a quiet obsession with them ever since. I was out of the loop and would always forget to check when they were playing, so I missed most of their show-shows, but it’s always been a complete pleasure to run into their perfectly arranged harmonies and angelic up-beat music on the streets of Asheville. With a recent spot playing the LaZoom bus during PopAsheville, I was reminded of their wonderfulness, even though I only caught about two minutes in between running from venue to venue, and when the chicken told me that they were playing at Picnics, I had to oblige.

and gosh am I glad I did.

Now You See Them was even better than I remembered, even in the tiny, wood-paneled room of Picnics. While attempting to keep their pristine volume down, the trio played songs to a few fans and a small crowd of diners, including a family of four (toddlers were LOVING it) and the elder granny matriarch of Picnics, Minnie Smith. The second set included two of my favorites, “Don’t Quote Me” and “It Could Be Worse,” a great cover of The Postal Service’s “Nothing Better,” and finished with “Let Me Know” from which the opening line “You might always have the money, but you won’t always have the time, you can spend the former on the latter, but it won’t matter, no it won’t matter” really stuck with me for the remainder of the night. I tried to dance with Minnie, she shot right back at me “Honey, I have a pacemaker, but you’re the best dancer in Asheville!” A friend of the band jokingly told me to “stop trying to kill the poor woman” as Minnie continued to encourage my dancing by suggesting to the band that I become their permanent dancer.

So now I sit here, streaming songs from their website, looking through pictures from tonight of a quite animated band who obviously has a blast playing their music, and enjoys finding and sharing the purity and fun in life. Thanks guys (and Gal). You Rock.

Shane Conerty

Jason Mencer & Dulci

Ben Gradison sitting in on Harmonica

Baby Fans