POPA pictures/pages are beginning to be added!

by lydiasee

So it’s Wednesday, I know I told all you guys I’d have this shite done by today but I had no idea how many kick-ass moments I captured until I began looking through the 3792 (yes, thats what I said, three-thousand, seven hundred and ninety two) images.

I’ve gotten to about half of the bands and a little of the other goings-on edited and ready to post, and I hope to assure those who are patiently awaiting their shots that it is in no way favorite-picking, but rather as fast as my little fingers can snatch whatever they are off the camera and onto the blog.

I’ve taken the liberty of posting the back/front schedule card for posterity for anyone who wants it, and also, even though I have a threatening copywrite message on each of your pages, please know that if you are in the pictures and played this weekend, chances are pretty unlikely that I’d beat you up for using the pictures, just please link my website and photo-credit me. That’s what the whole attribution, non-commercial, share-alike is all about.

Also, for those in the area or coming into the area: PLEASE tell me when you’re playing live and invite me to come out and shoot you more. I really enjoyed every single band from this festival and look forward to shooting you all in the future and hearing more kickin’ music.  If anyone wants to send me cds, I would LOVE that and also, keep in mind that anyone from POPA will receive a substantially reduced rate for a two-hour promo shoot ($60.00 for under 2 hrs, usually $100.00) any time until spring, which, yes, I do understand how arbitrary that time limit is, but come on, I get busy when it starts to warm up.

[p.s. book me for your spring/summer festivals now, and there’s a pretty good chance I’ll do it for free with enough advance notice and transportation/etc. cause boy do I need some summer-lovin’.]

so, that said, y’all rock completely, and I’m having a really hard time getting back to the real-world and work and all this week, so I kind of don’t mind how long it’s taking me to get all your images up, ’cause at least I still get to look at all of your pretty faces for a few more days.

well, love and bromance to you all. holler at me. tell me if you like your images. send me music.