reminded of rolling on ocean waves

by lydiasee

Today I sent off my current portfolio to the WNC On the Verge: Regional Emerging Visual Artist Competition.

Today I had a kind of lousy day.

at the same time, my lousy days have not been as lousy as usual lately.

I began a new piece yesterday afternoon, after a late breakfast of ultimate omelettes, after a grocery store trip, nearing the end of a fabulous weekend.  I went to the studio then, realizing that I had spilled quite a bit of acrylic molding paste in the trunk of my car on the way. I worked on gobbler’s family more, I  think it’s going to be a diptych, and began a wash of blue, peach, and cadmium on one of the new panels Gabe built me. It might be the beginning  of a beautiful new series utilizing natural elements (specifically money tree leaves) and acrylic with resin on panel. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to work on such IDEAL surfaces and I’m really exited about it, I am very inspired.