too busy to be busy

by lydiasee

It has come to my attention that, due to my poor time management skills, I am actually less busy than I think I am, I just put so much off so regularly that I feel pressure looming on the horizon all the time.
This can be evidenced by my complete lack of recognition of my accomplishments in the past year, because, even if I’ve been entirely more productive (shooting more, making art every week, paying bills and staying virtually out of debt, holding down one full- and two to three part-time jobs, ) in 2008 than in the past three combined, I still don’t think it’s good enough.

Now, I try not to be too hard on myself, and considering that right now, on a rainy Friday night after work, I have my feet up on my desk, I just walked the dogs (I have Karma this weekend too) and I am relaxing with my wireless keyboard in my lap, life’s not too bad at this point. So I suppose in that respect, I fully recognize my accomplishments on a grand scale. But it’s the little things that I give myself a really hard time about. I should be watermarking those photos. I should be burning that CD. I should be sending off that package I said I was going to send a month ago. I should be doing payroll. I should be walking the dog longer. I should be doing laundry.


I should be relaxing. And avoiding this pesky almost-cold I have. and just being for a minute.

so I’ll just be for a minute.