An appetite for destruction – or How I Learned to Stop Trying So Hard and Just Love the Balm.

by lydiasee

To begin the day, how about a little political refreshment?

“Washington Post: The declines in Palin’s ratings have been even more substantial among the very voters Republicans aimed to woo. The percentage of white women viewing her favorably dropped 21 points since early September; among independent women, it fell 24 points.” -jon+cohen+and+jennifer+agiesta
(I love the independent women part)

And on a side note, for those of you who have to avoid talking politics around certain family, friends, co-workers, et al, just keep this image in the back of your mind any time you are tempted to try and educate them in the ways of democracy:
McCain on Safety

In other News, I had a BLAST at the Deep Pocket party last night. It was awesome to see that much family in the room, people that I’ve surprisingly known for a long-ass time. Some who I’ve known longer than most, and some I’ve become close to recently