Henry J. Thomas Memorial Service at Jubilee, Asheville, NC

by lydiasee

Henry was a good man, and when he passed several weeks ago, people started coming out of the woodwork to share their condolences and funny stories about Henry’s overwhelmingly positive outlook on life, his ability to befriend virtually anyone, and of course, his relationship with his companion and friend, Chucky, who contributed to many of the relationships Henry was to forge through the years.

In Henry’s absence, one of his closes friends has adopted Chucky, who is still getting used to the life of his new companion, but is doing well.  We had a memorial for him at Jubilee, and had singing, speaking, and a release of white doves in his honor. He will be missed, and sometimes, I almost think I see him zipping around the corver at the Grove, amd then I remember he’s gone.