what a weekend. Tea Leaf Green, a horse in my yard, and other adventures.

by lydiasee

Tea Leaf Green performed at the Orange Peel Social Aid & Pleasure Club on Friday, 9-19-08.

And D.P recorded audio!

Tea Leaf Green is: Trevor Garrod – Keyboards, Vocals, Scott Rager – Drums, Percussion, Reed Mathis – Bass, vocals, and Josh Clark – Guitar, Vocals.

My first time seeing them live (I think I grazed them at a few festivals but never with commitment), even though I have had a few live recordings in my cd case for years. Thanks to a ticket from skippy I went when I probably otherwise wouldn’t have, and had a bl-ast.

The openers were Moonalice, with G.E. Smith (from SNL, toured with Bob Dylan, among other accomplishments) on Bass, Barry Sless on pedal steel (AMAZING) , Ann McNamee on vox, Roger McNamee on guitar and vox, Jimmy Sanchez on percussion, and Pete Sears on keys and vox.

The show as a whole was awesome, although it reiterated in my mind why I do not enjoy going to the Orange Peel. Near the beginning of TLG’s 1st set, I was told to stop taking pictures because my camera was “too professional.”
Now, not only does TLG’s website prominently state that photography is welcome at every show (with no flash of course), but I received my ticket from skippy, who assured me that the boys would appreciate my photos. However, when I tried to explain this to the fiery redhead on a power trip, who kept repeating “we work for the bands, we’re just looking out for them..” and smiling a condescending smile, she refused to listen until I tracked down the manager, then tour manager, to get wristband approval to shoot. After which I felt like flicking her off but had more respect than that.

Other than the negative bitchiness of the OP staff member, I really enjoyed myself, the crowd was perfect, not too big, so there was plenty of dance space, but still large enough to feel some energy pulsing through the crowd.

After the show, we all went down to Ed Boudreaux’s for some shots and frivolity, before heading back to Heather’s. I had walked to the show, so Trevor accompanied me back to my house to grab the car and Miss Ginger and some other supplies, and as we walked into my side yard what did we see? A man camping in my yard with a horse. I didn’t quite believe it until Trevor asked me if this was a normal thing for me to have hanging out in my yard.. and I replied, “well, no, but it is Asheville.”

I took this at about 2:30 Friday Night/Sat. AM, then after sleeping, and waking again, finally had my wits about me to have a conversation with this person.

horse in front of the house

Sunday evening, I watched the sunset from Montford Park,

on my way to My Existential Guide’s house, bumped into some long-lost-hippie-friends,

who gave me incense and blessings. I then ate some delicious soups at the house, had a brief dream conversation, and then off to the thirsty monk.

Needless to say, I had an interesting weekend.