I got the residency!

by lydiasee

I just got off the phone and found out that I will be the new resident artist at the Grove Arcade Arts and Heritage Gallery!

I will be working 20+ hours a week and doing demonstrations in the following media:

  • acrylic transfers
  • paste paper
  • collage/assemblage techniques
  • pourable resin and preservation for art purposes
  • found object cultivation
  • trash-to-art
  • pocket art pieces

on the following surfaces:

  • collected found windows
  • recycled scrap wood
  • hand-built panels
  • small random items for pocket art
  • glass blocks
  • anything else I can get my hands on

come see me Saturdays and Sundays (and other days when I get my schedule figured out) at the Grove Arts and Heritage Gallery, beginning OCTOBER 1st!

(and the art walk Oct. 3rd)