Site Updates and New Work!

by lydiasee

I spent the weekend re-arranging again, but I also spent a good 12-15 hours working on my “To and Fro” panels, which is very exciting considering I haven’t worked on them since before I moved in July.

"to and fro" panels
“time to get up”

"to and fro" panels
“going up”

"to and fro" panels
“black chick”

In case you’re just joining us, I am working on a series of panels (originally intended to be eleven of them, but I’m just going to keep plugging away for as long as I can, a minimum of eleven) based on a children’s book I found on the quarter shelf outside the old Reader’s Corner on Montford.

It’s a child’s learn-to-read “reader” style text, with somewhat of a continuous story-line, from Mississippi, copyright 1939. It is not gramatically correct, and it’s completely outdated, regarding gender and race representations, colloqualisms, and general syntax.

Basically, it’s a tongue and cheek mixed media series waiting to happen.

Each Panel illustrates one story in the book, the title of the piece is the title of the chapter. Verbatim. None of the presented passages have been edited at all, nor has the iconography from the book. Each chapter, rather, has been photographed , printed, and transferred using numerous methods, and only altered by old fashioned cut ‘n’ paste.

Tomorrow I interview for a possible residency at the Grove Arcade Arts and Heritage Gallery. Wish me Luck!

UPDATES to locations, current projects, and portfolio! whoo!