Master Cleanse in Asheville Day 2

by lydiasee

So this Master Cleanse isn’t SO hard.

Monday was spent resting, recovering from 12 hours of shooting at LAAFF. I Eased into my cleanse with only OJ, Blueberry/Apple/Green Tea Smoothie (all local, organic fresh fruit), and a whole tomato (local, organic).

Tuesday, Yesterday, Day 1: Drank a liter of the beverage, 2 liters of water, and worked a double. I was exhausted all day, took a mid-day nap during which I kept waking up sweating, which never happens to me. I’m a bundler in bed, I like to have as many blankets as I can.

Had a hard time concentrating at my day job, and at night, in the kitchen, I had a hard time not wanting to eat. Also, as long as I have worked in the kitchen, we’ve never fucked up a NY Strip Steak, and last night, of course, we did. The Exec. Chef hands it over through the window and says “it’s yours, Lyd.” and then, a beat later, “oh shit, I’m sorry!” But he promised me a fillet when I’m done with the cleanse! Went home early (8pm) and almost immediately went to bed, after showering and remaking the bed with one more winder quilt on it. It’s getting colder at night (early fall, my favorite) and I love taking the extra quilt out. It’s some sort of weird theraputic welcoming of the seasons or something. I sprayed it down with my Lavender, Chamomile, Sandalwood Linen Spray from work and get into bed with that damn Girls Like Us, which is taking me FOREVER TO READ.

Wednesday, Today, Day 2: A little less hard to resist food today, my stomach seems to have adjusted to the beverage, though I find I am less hungry in between chugs than I am near to drinking the beverage. Been trating myself to a few cups of tea a day (in addition to Smooth Move Senna): Cold Care Mint Chamomile before bed, after the Senna, and Dragon Well Green Tea during work. Had a little more energy today, more towards the end of the day. I think I’m going to try to go to bed by 11 at the latest tonight, and see if I can actually get up at 8 and run with my potential new energy.

OK time to close the shop and finish work.