Day 1: Master Cleanse, and other pre-occupations

by lydiasee

I have been having a tough time figuring out exactly what I want lately. Even simple decisions such as what I want to eat tonight, or which movie to rent (thank god for netflix recommendations, it cuts out the thinking and staring at the wall at TVeye [though I do still use TV Eye for the hard-to-find and cult classics, so you ‘buy-locals’ can stop tsk-tsking] ) have become almost impossible for me to make.

Enter the Master Cleanse.

And here’s why:

1. I have recently been experiencing some respiratory distress due to smoking on and off for years, and am trying to get rid of all the residual build-up from that, cleanly, cold-turkey, without any prescriptiion or gum or whatever.

2. I’ve been experiencing some adverse reactions to food I am used to eating, which drives me to question which particular ingredient is doing the upsetting. When I reintroduce foods one by one, I will be able to identify the specifics of the irritations in my diet.

3. My energy level has been very low lately, even more so than usual.

4. I have developed a soda-caffeine dependency which I would like to get rid of.

5. I am very un-diciplined and would like to commit to something to better myself and detoxify. Clear my mind a little. (and my body as well!)

All things considered, many see the cleanse as a weight loss aid, which is not why I am doing it, and many see it as a “fad-diet”, again, wrong reasons here. My ultimate goal is to be able to cook and eat a bit healthier after the cleanse, knowing what reacts well with my body, and to not continue smoking, and to be more comfortable waking earlier, running in the morning, keeping a regular yoga regime, and sleeping earlier at night. I’ve never been much of a drinker, but lately I have been partaking in a little more great wine than usual, which is fine, it’s just been encouraging me to stay up later, which is not so good.

Here’s hoping I can keep it up, 7-10 days is my goal.

No nothin ‘cept my trusty drink. ready set go.