West Coast!

by lydiasee

I was on the Left Coast last week for my cousin David and cousin-in-law Naceem’s wedding, and took the liberty of having myself a little vacation while I was at it.

In my time there, I did a lot of wall/sign photography, some random/vagabond portraiture, family/wedding shots, and some other random stuff.

It was very enjoyable to wander around an area alone for the most part, with only suggestions and non-specific directions of where to go, but to also break up my trip with family time (very not alone), which made me appreciate both aspects of my trip.

here are a few photos to tide you over until i get the rest up. ; )

ukelale 1
random fountain musician

beautiful bride naceem with moody, her father, walking down the aisle.

a pike market accordion player

volunteer park greenhouse pitcher plant

volunteer park water tower

the wiz 2
i think he told me his name was ‘the wiz’