by lydiasee


Where was the Asheville music community this weekend?

The Vortex Music Festival, held at the Asheville Civic Center this past weekend, boasted one of the most compelling and celebrated line-ups Asheville has to offer, featuring primarily Asheville-based locally and nationally touring musicians. These bands, dj’s, and solo artists represent the jewels of the Asheville music scene, many of whom either got their start here or found a comfortable musical and social niche in this region. The show also attempted to support three local charities, including the Manna Food Bank, and even had radio support from “the Mountain” with live broadcasts and interviews with the musicians.

Why, then, was there such a small turn-out to what could have been a potentially huge musical extravaganza?

I am guilty of the local apathy myself, sometimes. You know it, the “I’ve seen that band 30 times and I don’t want to spend $x to see them again..” mentality that creeps int the back of your mind when trying to decided what to do over the weekend. The thing is, most of these bands got “their start” because of people like you, yes you, the same that mulled the Vortex over in their heads before deciding to opt out. Don’t you think some of these artists, like Stephanie’s Id, fresh in from Bonnaroo and back to Asheville, deserve a strong homecoming?

So as I look through the thousands of pictures I took, filter those down to a couple hundred, and start to upload them, I am thankful that I was there. I had a fabulous time, and from the photographer’s perspective, got some of the best, most uninhibited shots of my live music-shooting career due to the easy access to the artists. I just wish that we, as a community, could have represented ourselves a little better.

->click the photo above for a slideshow of some of my favorites thus far, once I get them all uploaded I’ll post the images in band-segregated sections.