out of touch

by lydiasee

i don’t have internet at home anymore. or at least for the time being. which is kind of a drag.. but i suppose i can survive.

my opening was last night, i neglected to bring my camera because i figured (and stoutly reasoned) that fellow flickrists and my mom would take plenty of pictures, which they did. so images forthcoming for sure.

it went well, not as large of a group as i had hoped, and i didn’t sell anything yet, though i think there was some serious interest in my work and will hopefully be able to sell some stuff in the near future.

it’s nice to finally see such a body of my work on the walls somewhere, even if it’s the upstairs of a grocery, it really makes me feel validated in all the work i have been putting in, and represents a cross section of my work from the past 6 years or so.

that’s effin crazy.

that said, if anyone goes to see it, please leave me some comments in my guestbook at the show and let me know what you think of it.