with my feet in the air and my head on the ground

by lydiasee

I hate waiting. I love procrastinating. I have time management problems. that’s ok, i’m working on it.

This morning began with oversleeping as usual. As i rushed up Hillside (to the AVL Courthouse, to pay our seatbelt tickets) I thought a car passing on my left clipped my side mirror, but as I looked behind me, the three people and a baby standing in their yard ran into the street to examine their very nice mercedes s600 (valuing an estimated $180,000).

At that moment I had a choice to continue to the Courthouse, or to return and ensure that I had not, in fact, clipped their mirror, and potentially accrue even more debt due to replacing a kajillion dollar mirror after a hit-and-run.

So, good samaritan that I am, I turned around, pulled over, got out, and as I mustered the courage to sputter “Did I clip your mirror?” promptly burst into tears.

They were very kind, sweetly examined my mirror and explained to me that everything was OK, and hopefully this was the worst my day would get. They also said that turning around to check had hopefully given me a major karma boost and someone would return the favor sometime soon, as I obviously deserved some kindness to come my way. Only in Asheville.

I payed our seatbelt tickets, rushed to work, and here I am. Exhausted, confused, and waiting.

Finished moving in Tuesday and returned to complete the cleaning. Everything in the world that I own is packed up, I can’t find anything, our room is busting at the seams, the basement is at max capacity, and I am overwhelmed.

Hung my show yesterday, it looks spectacular and I am very pleased with myself. I still can’t believe that I am awake and partially functioning considering how thinly spread I am right now.

It’s all for the greater good.