i am such a lame ass.

by lydiasee

where have i been?

i am a busy bee, though with very little to show for it.

most recently, I have been doing a lot of shooting:

  • the DITLOA project: my slideshow of submits, slideshow of all submits (ordered by most interesting), judges picks are still being finalized. if you are an interested photog in asheville, feel free to join the flickr group now so you can start shooting in the group shoots before the next (fall) DITLOA event!
  • craziness that ensued around Hillary Clinton’s visit
  • opening of cucina24 on wall street, a new bad-ass restaurant in ashvegas

been makin’ all sorts of new mixed media work:

  • donation piece for ourvoice show “in our hands”


  • first panel of eleven piece series “illuminations from To And Fro

i really can’t think any more right now, what with four-and-a-half jobs, moving, oh yeah and
my first solo show ever!

at the grove corner market on friday the ninth from 5-8pm!!

please come.

“bandwitch” – broken social scene

“song for Myla Goldberg” – the Decemberists