spring cleaning

by lydiasee

this was my second of three days off in a row, now abbreviated to two as i switched with my manager tomorrow so she could drive someone to the airport.

roommate woke me at around 1:30 to tell me it was a beautiful day and i should take advantage of it. i slept a little while longer (with incredible dreams again) and then rose to take miss ginger running** we went to the montford rec. center park, cut down the trail near riverside cemetery, and ran up and down the amphitheater steps. we also ran around the baseball field. ginger walked the perimeter as i stretched. top speed ginger
(pic was not taken today but that’s the outdoor amphitheater)

after which we came home and cleaned house! spring cleaning fever hit both roommate and I and we tidied our spaces to the tunes of my new shuffle running mix:

How Will I Know You-Mocky feat. Jamie Lidell, Red
My British Tour Diary-of Montreal,Satanic Panic in the Attic,Orange
This Time-Jamie Lidell,Multiply,green
My Favorite Things-Andre 3000,Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, green
Your Magic is Working-of Montreal,Satanic Panic in the Attic,Orange
The Number Song-DJ Shadow,In Tune and On Time,Black
Game for Fools-Jamie Lidell,Multiply,green
Ain’t That Peculiar-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD1,Purple
kiss me on my neck-erykah badu,rust
It’s Summertime-The Flaming Lips,Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots,Orange
Come Get to This-Marvin Gaye, Very Best Of CD2,Purple
Try Me-James Brown,The Very Best,Purple
Lust for Life-Iggy Pop,green
You’re All I Need to Get By-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD1,Purple
please, please-James Brown,The Very Best,Purple
His Eye Is on the Sparrow-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD1,Purple
what they doing (funkie junkie)-charles pryor & power of love,funk spectrum vol.3: real funk, Red
It Takes Two-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD1,Purple
With Teeth-Nine Inch Nails,Black
i got that feelin’-James Brown,The Very Best,Purple
to be free-luther davis group,funk spectrum vol.3: real funk for real people, Red
I’ll Be Doggone-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD1,Purple
Say it Loud-James Brown,The Very Best,Purple
Where Are We Going?-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD2,Purple
To You Alone-The Beta Band,Blue
Shake-Otis Redding,Very Best Of Otis Redding Vol 1,Purple
Every Day is Exactly the Same-Nine Inch Nails,Black
the good foot-James Brown,The Very Best,Purple
Danger Of Love ft. Zap Mama-Dj Krush,DJ Krush/Jurgen Rogiers/Marie Daulne, Zen,Red
Night Train-James Brown,The Very Best,Purple
You Are Invited-The Dismemberment Plan,Emergency And I,yellow
Knight Rider-Of Montreal,The Sunlandic Twins,Orange
While My Guitar Gently Weeps-Beatles,Blue
James Brown-Living in America,Purple
Your Precious Love-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD1,Purple
Falling out of Love at this volume-Bright Eyes,Written and Recorded 1995-1997,Off-White
Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt -DJ Shadow,Endtroducing,Black
When I Come Back Around-Jamie Lidell,Multiply,green
Off The Rail-Notwist,Neon Golden,White
The Payback-James Brown,The Very Best,Purple
River, Sea, Ocean-Badly Drawn Boy,About A Boy,green
Hitch Hike-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD1,Purple
A Peak You Reach-Badly Drawn Boy,About A Boy,green
Funky Drummer-James Brown,70’s Funk Classics,Purple
Chrissy Kiss the Corpse-of Montreal,Satanic Panic in the Attic,Orange
Make It Funky-James Brown,The Very Best,Purple
That’s the Way Love Is-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD1,Purple
Give It Up or Turn it Loose-James Brown,The Very Best,Purple
70s-80s (RJD2 Remix)-Nightmares On Wax,Pink
Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag-James Brown,The Very Best,Purple
What’s Going On-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD2,Purple
Get Up Offa That Thing-James Brown,The Very Best,Purple
Demon Days-Gorillaz,Demon Days,White
I Want You-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD2,Purple
Get It Together-The Go Team,Thunder Lightning Strike,Pink
Mercy Mercy Me-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD2,Purple
Rollerskate-Call and Response,Call and Response,yellow
Bombs Over Baghdad- Outkast, Stankonia, Red
Distant Lover [Live]-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD2,Purple
Mr. Pitiful-Otis Redding,Very Best Of Otis Redding Vol 1,Purple
nothings the same-grand funk railroad,funk spectrum vol.3: real funk for real people,Red
Let’s Get It On-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD2,Purple
Anger-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD2,Purple
Squares-Beta Band,Hotshots,green
Praise-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD2,Purple
Do Not Do As I Do-Hanne Hukkelberg,Little Things,Golden
Delta (Little Boy Blues)-Badly Drawn Boy,About A Boy,green
A Little Bit More-Jamie Lidell,Multiply,green
You’re the Man, Pts. 1-2-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD2,Purple
Disconnect the Dots-of Montreal,Satanic Panic in the Attic,Orange
Music Will Not Last-Jamie Lidell,Multiply,green
You’re a Wonderful One-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD1,Purple
Try A Little Tenderness-Otis Redding,Very Best Of Otis Redding Vol 1,Purple
If I Could Build My Whole World Around You-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD1,Purple
Welcome to Jamrock-Damien Marley,Red
I Feel Good-James Brown,The Very Best,Purple
Milk & Honey-Beck,Midnite Vultures,Orange
The Boss-James Brown,Purple
Got to Give It Up-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD2,Purple
Papa Don’t Take No Mess-James Brown,The Very Best,Purple
Ego Tripping Out-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD2,Purple
Too Busy Thinking About My Baby-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD1,Purple
Organ Donor-DJ Shadow,Endtroducing,Black
Track 08-James Brown,The Very Best,Purple
Stubborn Kind of Fellow-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD1,Purple
Track 18-James Brown,The Very Best,Purple
Do You Realize??-The Flaming Lips,Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots,Orange
I Heard It Through the Grapevine-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD1,Purple
Neon Golden (Console Remix)-The Notwist,Different Cars And Trains,Gold
Can I Get a Witness-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD1,Purple
Pursuit of the Pimpmobile-Isaac Hayes,Purple
multiply-Jamie lidell,ellismix,green
Satisfaction-Otis Redding,Very Best Of Otis Redding Vol 1,Purple
Track 12-James Brown,The Very Best,Purple
Blue Train (Alternate Take)-John Coltrane,Blue Train,Blue
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD1,Purple
Ladyflash-The Go Team,Thunder Lightning Strike,Pink
Track 04-James Brown,The Very Best,Purple
How Sweet It Is-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD1,Purple
Bottle Rocket-The Go Team,Thunder Lightning Strike,Pink
Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD1,Purple
Sex Machine-James Brown,The Very Best,Purple
Castles-Jimi Hendrix,Purple
Pride and Joy-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD1,Purple
The City-Jamie Lidell,The City,green
Don’t Get Lost in Heaven-Gorillaz,Demon Days,White
It’s a Man’s World-James Brown,The Very Best,Purple
Sexual Healing-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD2,Purple
I Won’t Back Down-Johnny Cash,American III – Solitary Man,Blue
Boble-Hanne Hukkelberg,Little Things,Golden
Trouble Man-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD2,Purple
Rosa Parks-Outkast,Aquemini,green
Umi Says-Mos Def,Black on Both Sides,green
You-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD1,Purple
Super Bad-James Brown,The Very Best,Purple
Inner City Blues-Marvin Gaye,Very Best Of CD2,Purple
use me-bill withers,Red

now I will eat some dinner, resume working on my shred-ready helmets and continue to tidy.

our sunset this evening:

sunset in montford sunset in montford

(**at this point in my writing i looked down and found the missing  ball to my anti-tragus piercing, which would have been virtually irreplaceable. i had swept my entire room looking for it and when i was not paying attention, there it was. i love that)