moving onward

by lydiasee

so i finished my portfolio for the hub-bub application, it can be viewed here.

now i am working on the helmets for shredready’sbecause rocks hurt” event.

i’m starting to get a little sketched out because my cracking medium is not responding well to the helmets and that was the basis for my entire two-helmet design..

we’ll see..

argh. i hate when my drafts aren’t saved.

in unrelated news, i got distracted from this entry by my helmets, which each have a layer of modeling paste and acrylic now, in hopes that the ground will offer more of a substantiated basis for the crackle paste.

after which i went off to el chapala with roomate, brother, and lumpy-butt for much food, loud laughter, and 32oz dos equis and pina coladas. followed by usual suspects and more alcohol. suffice it to say

i am drunk.