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As an on-again-off-again student, I have stepped away from the oppressive food service industry after many years of pushing dishes for ‘the man.’ I have worked for some of the most popular restaurants in Asheville (& beyond) such as Salsa’s/Chorizo/Modesto [chef Hector Diaz] and the Mellow Mushroom, but have since moved back into retail, and am currently working at Bath Junkie in the Grove Arcade, an ethical, DIY body product store, where we deal with customers mostly in person, but also using telephone orders. I love my job, and am looking to supplement my work there in a more redeeming and rewarding way. I have also worked as a medical answering service operator, aiding patients in connecting with their on-call doc and acting as a synthesis between the hospital and individual doctors, in retail in Art Galleries and stores, and have volunteered for Climbmax climbing gym and for Hearts With Hands relief work.


I am an excellent communicator in a variety of customer service environments, in person and on the telephone. I enjoy working hard and being rewarded by the effects of my hard work. I am a problem-solver and solution-finder, and the pursuit of solutions usually proves to be more educational than the solution itself for me. I prefer to have a clear understanding of my tasks and direction, and the resources to complete said tasks with guidance rather than micromanagement. I am also a freelance amateur photographer and enjoy the aesthetically pleasing and visually stimulating parts of life: I find beauty in almost everything.


I am attempting to be more of a ‘morning person’ for the first time in my life. I am not quite skilled in the art of early-morning awake-ness, however, I enjoy the morning time and am mostly in a chipper mood in the morning, even if it takes me a few minutes to properly wake up. I have a strong work ethic but not the strongest sense of personal discipline, which is why I have not yet returned to college. I need to keep myself occupied because I am not the best time-manager, so I dislike employment situations where there is a lot of free or down time, it makes me wonder how else I could be using my time more wisely, but I do enjoy focusing independently on my own tasks.


I would love to add some energetic spunk to your already sterling group of staff. I would love to provide you with versatility of employment, knowing that I can take on any job asked of me with the proper training. Though I was raised on Homeopathy, I am greenish in the world of Natural Healing, and would look forward to being molded into a pillar of high standards in customer service AND alternative health outreach.


I am looking for a rewarding employment situation, where I can be assured that the company I work for is Ethical, Moral, and focused on the support of their customers rather than exploitation of them. I seek reliable direction from supervisors who know my name, care about my efforts towards their greater good, and feel comfortable helping me and guiding me in my work, rather than giving orders and only giving negative criticism instead of constructive criticism.