does that speed come with free refills?

by lydiasee

i have been drinking coffee for so long, the appeal of drinking it for utilitarian purposes has long since worn off, or so i thought. i had moved up a rung on the ladder of uppers, i had begun to sleep more, possibly still recovering from my periods of never sleeping for days on end, i had begun to rely on other sources to open my eyes. but then- “Toddy” Iced Coffee from red bike deli. saved my effing life.

i feel like a human today. a super-human-speed-human.

and i’m addicted.

toddy crack

[edit: “toddy” iced coffee means that it is brewed over a 24-hour period in room-temp. water, then iced. the less severe temp. change and the long brew time make this the strongest coffee ever. look for it at your local caffiennery. wikipedia on toddy]